Registration for the CTSM--1999 Galleria Domain Pony Show

Registration is over as the event is now over -- this is to show you last year's cost, location, and general event schedule!

Payment Section 

Please make your MONEY ORDER payable to: Galleria Domain. Please, no personal checks.

Donation by Credit Card:


BY PHONE with your credit card by calling (312) 666-0340. [ADDITIONAL $1.00 manual entry fee],
SAME DAY registrants may donate with cash or credit card at the door.

SATURDAY, September 11:
Directions, Instructions and Location


GALLERIA DOMAIN'S ADDRESS is:  2418 W. North Avenue, 3rd Floor. This is near the intersection of Western and North Avenues in Chicago.  (And yes, this is a two-staircase walk-up; apologies that we are not handicapped accessible; if you need help for some reason, just ask the friendly GD staff.) The red star on the map is us.

Click on the map to request detailed driving instructions from YOUR location.

The Galleria Domain  is located on North Avenue, just WEST of Western Avenue.  (DO NOT call Galleria Domain for the address; we do not give it out over the telephone to anyone for any reason.  Thank you.)

PARKING is either on-street or in the Walgreens lot (half a block away).

(IF PARKING IN WALGREENS:  Use *only* the spaces along the FENCE perimeter; do not use the inside spaces!)  Remember the City of Chicago on-street parking rules:  Never leave *anything* in view inside your vehicle if you want it to be there when you return.  It's a Chicago fact of life. Put ALL your belongings in the trunk or leave them at home. (We prefer to warn people about this rather than pretend it doesn't

RING DOORBELL -- Once at GD, at sidewalk level, there is a doorbell to the left of our door.  Ring the bell and when prompted, tell us you're with the "CTSM Pony Show" and you'll be buzzed up.

General Schedule

What exactly this year's CTSM Pony Show is about...

This event introduces the basics of human ponyplay. This is not a judged event and there is no competition. In the future, the CTSM may sponsor a judged and formal Pony Show; but for this first time, the Show actually depends on all involved. Novices to Ponyplay are especially welcome!

Since this event is mainly for novices exploring the art of training and keeping a human Pony, this is a non-judged Show. ALL are invited to participate. There's no pressure to perform and be an 'expert' -- general training will be provided to those 'greenhooves' :>

9 PM- about 11 PM:

Show, dressage and riding techniques, taught by Pony Master Paul Reed and volunteers from the audience.

10-closing (3 AM):

General Open Play. Strut your stuff!


What should I bring?
What am I not allowed to bring?
What should I wear to the Galleria? (Is there a dress code?)
I've never been to a dungeon before. How should I act?
What exactly is going to happen in this event?
How can I indicate my desire to be in the Pony Show...